Support Centres & Services

Innovation for Dynamic Business

An effective service and support center is vital in today’s competitive market. This takes a combination of skilled workers and advanced tools and technologies.

Your Front Line

Organizational service and support centres act as an organization’s front line. They are the face of the company to the population they provides services to. This makes them a critical part of an organization’s success.

The ideal approach begins by combining advanced products to support your activities and improve their effectiveness. It may continue with the organization’s decision to fully outsource service and support to expert bodies like Ness Technologies. Either way – each of the solutions described herein will allow you to raise your quality of service to new levels of efficiency and output.

Systematic Solutions for Service and Support Centres:

Establishing and Operating Support Centres Under a Managed Service Model of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Ness Technologies runs Israel’s largest outsourced service and support centre. It handles about one million telephone support calls per year in six languages for approximately 70,000 end-users.

Ness Technologies’ and the service and support centre’s economies of scale ensure that each customer receives the required resources. This includes peak hours or when abnormal problems arise. The centre employs a battery of experts on various designated fields, across technologies and sectors.

Ness Technologies’ service and support centres have a long and impressive list of customers. We serve major organizations such as Clalit Health Services, international companies like Teva, financial bodies like the Migdal Insurance Company, and public organizations like the Ministry of the Interior or the Ministry of Environmental Protection.

Product Support

Businesses are increasingly complex in the age of globalization. This makes it even more vital for customer support to be available and flexible on both the business and operational levels.